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to "Animals 1"200 works: animal behavior, tropical panoramas, etc.
to "Birds 1"132 works: birds and flowers, especially ranging in Japan.
to "Dinosaurs, etc.: Dino Panoramas"395 works: dinosaurs, geologic panorama, etc.
to "Plants: Flowers, Trees, etc."75 works: wild grass, flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc.
to "Little Lives"71 works: insects and worms, aquatic lives, etc.
to "Panoramas: Bird's-eye view, etc."12 works: panoramas of landscapes, bird's-eye views, etc.
to "Humans & Science"16 works: humans including science, etc.
to "Others: Space, Objects, etc."13 works: many themes (astronomy, physics, Buddhism, etc.)
to "Un-digital Work's List"Pre-computer works with classic materials.
to "Name List"Name List of all works in this site.